15th Annual Conference on Nephrology & Renal Care

Nicholas Benedictus Sianipar*

Internal Medicine Physician at Baptist Hospital, Indonesia

*Corresponding Author:
Nicholas Benedictus Sianipar
Internal Medicine Physician
at Baptist Hospital, Indonesia
E-mail: [email protected]
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Conference series takes the pleasure of inviting people from all over the world to take part in the 15th Annual Conference on Nephrology & Renal Care which is going to be held in Tokyo, Japan during September 16- 17, 2020 .The conference aims at bringing people from all over the world under one platform for timely exchange of innovative ideas in the field of Nephrology and renal care. The conference includes prompt keynote presentations, Oral talks, Poster presentations and Exhibitions conducted by eminent speakers and scholars bearing reputed degrees in the field of Nephrology and related science.

Nephrology Asia 2019 conference deals with all the therapeutic aspects and remedial technologies In the field of renal science providing a roof for all the people, nephrologists and kidney specialists from leading universities and research institutions to foster their ideas and bring collaboration and advancements in the field of nephrology across the globe.

Scope and Importance:

The Nephrology market research report states that demand for Nephrologists will likely benefit from healthcare reform. The speed of developments in nephrology has been fueled by the promise that new findings may improve the care of patients suffering from renal disease. Nephrology scope of practice has undergone profound changes in the recent decade. This evolution is largely due to the expansion of the prevalent chronic kidney disease (CKD) patient population, evolving health care delivery models in an era of extreme budgetary constraint and technological innovation altering care delivery to renal disease patients.

In order to accommodate the heterogenic renal patient population and the wide variety of practice settings, the nephrologist must be prepared to serve as the patient’s primary care provider and/or subspecialty consultant. The use of collaborative practice models in renal care is essential to meet the needs of this rapidly expanding patient population.

Nephrology Asia 2019 is an unique opportunity to hear the latest discoveries and network with global experts to discuss improving patient care, Renal Data System trends, and key findings at an open forum for providers to share best practices discussions in order to decrease the incidence rate of kidney disease by new techniques and latest technologies.

Hospitals associated with kidney research:

There are several hospitals worldwide providing kidney care with all the advancement in the medicine and technology along with dialysis and transplantation. They are well authorized for safe health care and fast recovery is assured and guaranteed by the hospital with a pleasing environment. According to the global statistics the number of hospitals providing renal care and the advancements and success rate of the treatment has been increasing from the past years.

Hospitals Associated with Nephrology Japan:

• Chiba University Hospital

• Akita university hospital

• Osaka University Hospital

• Kosei Nenkin Hospital

• Sumitomo Hospital

• Yodogawa Christian Hospital

• Wada Hospital

• Ueda Surgery Hospital

Hospitals Associated with Nephrology Worldwide:

• University of Iowa Children's Hospital

• St. Louis Children's Hospital

• Royal Children's Hospital, Parkville

• Children's Hospital of Western Ontario

• Alder Hey Children's Hospital - Liverpool

• Centennial Hills Hospital

• Leicester's Hospitals

• Phoenix Children's Hospital Foundation

• UC Davis Children's Hospital

• Shriners Hospitals for Children

• University of Iowa Children's Hospital

• St. Luke International Hospital

• UCSF Medical Centre

• Mayo Clinic

• Royal Melbourne hospital

• Kidney health Australia

Members associated with Nephrology research:

• Nephrologists

• Fellows or postdoctoral students

• Nephrology Academicians

• Emeritus

• Young research scientists

• Business delegates

• Physicians

Associations, Companies& Industries related to nephrology across the world: The above graph gives a review of the percentage of people associated with the field of nephrology and found to have maximum of nephrologists(75%) followed by Business Delegates(60%),Academicians(37%), Post-Doctoral students(23%),Young Research Scientists(20%).

The diagram depicts that the companies comprising specialization in the field of Nephrology are maximum in all the areas of the world and there is an arising increase in the industries and associations related to the field of renal care all over the world.

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